We announce the "Fifth Solar and Space Weather KSP Workshop" to be hosted by Aberystwyth University and held in Aberystwyth, Wales, UK, 28-30 June 2011.

The Workshop will focus on the progress of Solar and Space Weather KSP LOFAR commissioning work, results to date, future work and how it is to be achieved. It is also anticipated that some demonstration and/or tutorial sessions will be possible on how we use LOFAR to make solar and interplanetary scintillation observations, and data analysis progress at this time.

The dates determined for the Workshop was measured through E-Mail Communications and via a Doodle Poll where a large portion of the interested parties can be seen: http://www.doodle.com/aze9mg9q8ekxw97a (now closed).

Aberystwyth, both a holiday and University Town, is set in beautiful unspoilt scenery on the shores of Cardigan Bay on the West coast of Wales (UK). The landscape, flora, and fauna in the Aberystwyth area are quite outstanding. Red kites (birds of prey) regularly fly over the campuses and bottle-nosed dolphins can be seen offshore. There have also been recent sightings of Golden Eagles within the area. Aberystwyth has a wealth of restaurants, bars/pubs, and good places to eat as well as plenty of general activities and facilities.

Workshop organisers: Richard Fallows and Mario Bisi (Aberystwyth)